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Plant Varieties Australia Ltd (PVA), is a plant intellectual property manager in Australia. PVA specialises in the importation and commercialisation of fruiting plant varieties, in particular, fresh berry varieties for Australia.

PVA holds licenses with plant breeders around the world with the purpose of setting up licensed propagators, growers and marketers in Australia to manage the whole supply chain – paddock to plate.

PVA has comprehensive experience in the importation, propagation, contract management, Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) and all other commercialisation activities of new plant varieties.

PVA is governed by a board of directors with considerable agribusiness experience.


Horticulture is Australia’s third largest agriculture industry – in 2010-11 it was valued at AUD$8.74 billion. However, the Australian horticulture industry increasingly faces challenges including climate change, population growth, changing consumer preferences, evolving economic conditions, increasing input costs (land, water and energy), and competition for resources.

In addition, as affluence of developed countries increases, and as life expectancy and global population increases, it may be expected that so too will the demand from global markets for Australian produce, particularly in Asia.

The horticulture industry needs to address these challenges by lifting productivity to be profitable, by being forward thinking, and by being market driven including looking towards emerging markets.

PVA has been formed to proactively respond to the future needs of the horticulture industry, and, in doing so, aims to help Future-Proof Australian Horticulture.

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Industry Facts

PVA aims to future-proof Australian horticulture through the ongoing release of new plant material to specifically meet the changing marketplace.

The Australian Horticulture industry produced $12.9 billion in the year ending 2017.


PVA will secure new global technologies that will lead to increased productivity and early adoption of our IP.

The berry category is the fastest growing supermarket category in Australia, and the majority of PVA’s products are sold in this category.

How to order – request for quote for plants

The lead time from plant ordering to delivery of plants can vary depending on whether stock is available or if the variety ordered needs to be propagated. For example, some varieties of raspberries can take 6-12 months to be ready for delivery.

If you are thinking of or wanting to order any varieties, we encourage you to be in touch with PVA as soon as possible. This will allow us to work with you and propagators to best meet your delivery expectations.

To contact PVA, please feel free to use whichever method suits you best:

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Commercialisation of new varieties

PVA is part of an integrated group of companies offering strong variety commercialisation and route to market for berry varieties in Australia.

PVA is affiliated with with a sister fruit marketing company – YV Fresh Pty Ltd . YV Fresh works closely with growers spread over the eastern seaboard of Australia. It is a major supplier of berries (and other fruits) to all the Australian supermarket chains as well as selected agents in the wholesale markets. In addition, YV Fresh provides its growers with agronomic services, quality control, packaging development, control of fruit payments and royalty management.

The diagram below sets out how we work in the Australian market and shows how the PVA/YV Fresh group offers a strong commercialisation pathway for new berry varieties in Australia.

Business Model

PVA’s business model is flexible and allows fruit varieties to be marketed, not only through YV Fresh, but also other Australian Domestic and International marketers. Where permitted or required under license, this gives fruit varieties a strong opportunity for success.

The diagram below shows the components to PVA’s business model.


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